S.V.F. TESSILE is a dynamic, young company but with considerable experience acquired over two generations.
The company business is the recovery thus processing of used clothes and shoes, cloths used in industry, printing works and cleaning companies. The experience acquired in over half a century has enabled us to develop both our domestic and international markets.
Company principles are reliability and professionalism so we can offer clients guaranteed, quality goods.
And it is thanks to those two qualities that S.V.F. Tessile has achieved important targets in its sector on the international market, especially in Africa and Asia.
Its current Operative Office has over 3500m2 of warehouse/ processing spaces, ample loading/unloading areas, and independent ramp to load containers/maxicases, four floors with four offices (two operational on the ground floor and two for representation purposes), three meeting rooms, a large workers' canteen.
The Photo Gallery can illustrate our operating offices better.
The different processing stages are divided into sanitation, classification and packing of material, selected by characteristic and quality, especially related to where the goods are being sent, offering a service targeted to meet the needs of each single client.
With a specialised structure and personnel with well-tested working skills, based on correctness and reliability, essential requirements that have enabled the company to achieve its prestigious objectives.
Companies interested in doing so may send in their waste material collection requests. S.V.F. representatives will then visit the office sending in the request directly. All materials will then be collected and transported to the main office to be selected and possibly recycled.

S.V.F. Tessile is authorised to Store and Process non hazardous waste (Cat. R3 and R13, Cod. CER 8.9 200110, 200111, 191208), with Province of Naples decision no. 8536 of
09/08/2011, authorisation no. 769 A, and memorandum of understanding with the Campania Region no. 2011 0788659.
When goods arrive, articles are stored in the specific Storage area (R13), identified in compliance with provincial laws in force and set up in an area separate to the processing, selection and packing one and clearly identified.
Items gradually move to the sanitation room where they are put through an ozonation process which basically means that they are exposed, for about 30 minutes, to ozone produced by a generator which carries out an effective anti-microbe, deodorising action and destroys bacterial and viral structures.
Once the sanitation process is over, items move onto the processing area where they area selected and then packed for shipment. S.V.F. Tessile then completes the export documents needed issuing a regular sanitation certificate for all loads made.